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Selected Solo Flute Concerts
About Rajan RAJAN has been performing solo classical flute concerts since 1985. He has presented recitals in major festivals in India and abroad. He has also produced albums and have presented collaborative works with Western classical musicians.

His concerts in Madras (Chennai), New Delhi and many cities in France, Italy, Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Russia and China have been appreciated by audience, press and people who are highly musicial.

A Selected list of concerts in the last three years follows:

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2002 Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya. New Delhi. 1 January.

Gayathri Fine Arts, New Delhi. 12 January.

Television recording of Doordarshan for National Telecast 13 January

'Pesti Vigado', Budapest, Hungary. Presented by RIMPA - Ravi Shankar Institute for Music & Performing Arts, Budapest, Hungary. 20 January

Koncert - Petofi Sandor Muvelodesi Haz Aulajaban, Gyor, Hungary. 21 January.

Indian Association Luxembourg asbl. Hotel Le Royal, Luxembourg. 23 January

Indian Cultural Centre, Berlin, Germany. 24 January.

Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany. 25 January.

Indien-Institut e V. Staatliches Museum fur Volkerkunde, Munich, Germany. Indian Republic Day concert in Munich. 26 January. Guest of honour: Zubin Mehta

Indian Association, Frankfurt, Germany. 27 January.

Bharatia Samaj, India Society of Belgium. Brussels 29 January

Exodus, Espace Culturel de L'Association Action Afrique Asie, Marseille, France. 30 & 31 January 2002 and 1 & 2 Feb 2002.

The Nehru Centre, London, United Kingdom. 4 February.

University of Valladoid, Valladoid, Spain. 6 February.

Aula de Cultura CAM, Alicante, Spain. 8 February

Dagar Memorial Society, New Delhi. May.

Viswa Mohan Bhatt Festival. Jaipur. 27 July.

Padmashri Mandapam, Calicut (Kozhikode) 18 August.

Sambhavi, Bangalore, 20 August.

2003 Triveni Chamber Theatre, New Delhi, 8 April

Private concert for Cultural attache, Embassy of Sweden, New Delhi, 9 April

Indian Council for Cultural Relations, New Delhi, 13 June

Monsoon Festival, New Delhi, 28 June

Chakradhar Samaroh, Raigarh, Chattisgarh, 5 September

Soorya Festival, Trivandrum, 9 November

Hamsadhwani, Chennai, 6 December

Kerala Fine Arts, Cochin, 10 December

Academy of Indian Music & Arts, Chennai, 29 December


Amir Khan Festival, Indore, 21 January

Nuits de L'Inde, Marseille, France, 8 May

Bozar, Brussells, Belgium, 9 May 2004.

Mandapa, Paris, France, 20 May 2004.

Exodus, Marseille, France, 8, 9 & 10 July 2004.

Le Festival Au Sud Du Sud, Parc de la Mirabelle, 30 July 2004.

Humanist Festival, Allos, 14 August 2004.

ART INDIA, Delhi, 20 September 2004.

Concert in Toulouse, France, 4 December 2004.

University of Valladolid, Valladolid, Spain, 11 December 2004.

Vipanchi, Chennai (Madras), 22 December 2004.

2005 DOME, Marseille, 3 March 2005.

Satellit Café, Paris, 14 April 2005.

Cite de la Musique, Marseille, 19 May 2005.

New Cafe, Marseille, 28 May 2005.

Casa de la India, Valladolid, Spain 24 October 2005.

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